Tech-based investment is growing at a rapid rate in Africa based on a new cadre of both leaders and solutions. However, both investors and entrepreneurs face challenges in making a match. Investors feel that there is a lack of investable opportunities, whilst entrepreneurs find it difficult to secure investment opportunities. Accelerators are meant to address this gap by getting businesses ready for investment, facilitating opportunities, and providing crucial support.   

However, access and resources are often barriers for entrepreneurs, particularly for those who live outside major centres and cannot afford to participate in an accelerator programme. For accelerators, the relatively  high cost per participant remains a challenge. This is magnified when an accelerator attempts to scale by increasing the number and geographic reach of its participants.  

The TechTribe Accelerator's multifaceted approach aims to address some of these challenges. We have designed a set of course and online learning programmes for entrepreneurs to develop themselves and their businesses.  The programmes are delivered via an online learning management system accessible to entrepreneurs irrespective of  geography; as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection.  

    1. TTA  also offers virtual mentorship to entrepreneurs, by drawing on its multi-country network of expert mentors. 

    1.  Mentors provide guidance and feedback as the entrepreneur  completes each module. This infuses an irreplaceable human element into the acceleration journey.  

    1. An online peer network complements the accelerator experience by encouraging peer-to-peer learning and engagement.   

    1. In addition, TTA shares investment opportunities wit h entrepreneurs and provides  access to deal rooms  through the TechTribe Community

TechTribe Accelerator is a collaborative initiative - It draws on the expertise of three partners, each a leader in their respective field