Welcome on this journey to master the Art of Pitching! Have you been using the same script and slides for every pitching opportunity? This course aims to take you through the steps of creating an informative and great standard pitch, The course then takes it a step further by taking you through steps in which you can modify your standard pitch for different investor and audience types. Remember different investors look for different things!


The course is built with the purpose of using theory and relevant tools, such as templates and practical case studies to really understand the pitching process. Preparing for the correct audience type, investor type, and Q&A sessions. The course also includes informative videos by experts on the pitching concepts and hints from world-class investors on elements that they look for in pitches. The outcomes of the assignments and content:

  • Developing a modifiable pitching script. 
  • Developing a modifiable pitch deck.
  • Understanding the different types of pitches.
  • Understanding that different types of investors look for different elements in your pitch and how to modify your pitch accordingly.
  • Modifying your pitch according to the audience type. 
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